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Ralph Shuttleworth

I am a sculptural furniture designer who works predominantly in wood to create intriguing designs that celebrate the material and utilise its characteristics. I love using crafts as a starting point, which are then developed into products through material exploration and modelling. It is important to me to maintain sustainable practices throughout my design process, and to use abundant local materials where I can.
Recently I’ve specialised in bent wood designs, incorporated into furniture, homeware and sculpture. I love exploring the limits of the material, to find innovative production methods, combining traditional crafts with technology.

Fraxinus Table


The Fraxinus table is a business lobby table which celebrates the Ash trees which are threatened by Ash Dieback throughout Britain. The timber from these diseased trees provides an abundant, sustainable material, which is both highly durable and flexible.
The undulating shapes of the table base celebrates the beauty and strength of the material in a striking and sculptural form.

Orbit Lamp


The Orbit Lamp is an interactive table lamp which encourages purposeful human interaction with objects in our homes. The lamp features a brass disk with a variety of subtle surface textures. As the disk is rotated, different surface finishes pass through the light, reflecting different amounts around the room. The LED’s which illuminate the brass are held on a bent walnut frame and leg assembly.

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