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Rebecca Wells

I am an Industrial Designer with an interest in developing sustainable and creative solutions which are practical and cost effective. Being adaptable I am willing to learn new skills as well as expand existing capabilities. Enjoying all aspects of the manufacturing process from ideation through development to the final build, I am looking forward to my future in the Design Industry.

Heated Tennis Grip


The Heated Tennis Grip is a solution to an issue that developed through personal observation to be used over the winter in the cold months for those who do not have access to indoor courts. The Heated Tennis Grip warms the user’s hands through heat pads on the exterior of the handle underneath the over grip. There is a circuit inside the handle containing a microcontroller and a battery to control the temperature as well as an on/off switch.

COVID-19 Seating


The brief set by HYDRO was to design a product that uses aluminium extrusion. This led to the development of COVID-19 friendly public seating which can be adapted to allow social distancing between people to help reduce the fear in the public about sharing spaces. With a total of 7 seats, 3 or 4 seats can be removed to allow greater distance between the users of either 400mm or 800mm from each edge depending on the current Government guidelines.

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