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Rizmer Capunitan

I am visually creative with strong attention to detail from start to finish. In my design process, I aim to deliver a balance between sustainability, aesthetic and functionality using both traditional and digital drawings to communicate my concepts, ensuring I constantly backtrack and make adjustments where possible to ensure there are not any black spaces or missed opportunities.



Regular exercise, as well as simple activities such as walking, are proven methods of improving wellbeing, both physical and mental. Anxiety and stress among other mental health issues have mostly affected millennials statistically more than any other age group. Considering recent events, this statistic has been heightened as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic - a 30.1% Increase from 2019 (KFF), due to inhibiting access to gyms and even socialising with friends and family.

Wander is a UX/UI app-based project aimed towards millennials, that aims to improve the walking experience for consumers who are struggling with stress and anxiety. The app is essentially a simplified social media platform, to ensure familiarity without causing any unnecessary anxiety or stress that a regular social media app would incur and rather focuses solely on self-growth, journaling personal walks or taking on challenges that offer incentives for completing routes. The app uses an algorithm that calculates the best possible route for a user to achieve their wellbeing goals. These routes are generated to give the best possible journey, considering visual landscapes and natural sounds (flowing water or ruffling trees) – all of which contribute to increasing endorphin production, vital in achieving happiness and improved wellbeing.

'Nui' Sewing Kit


This project is sustainability-based and aims to upskill Gen-Z fashion consumers in repairing their old denim material or to repurpose and give them new life as opposed to discarding and further adding to the existing problems.

To achieve the ultimate goal of upskilling fashion consumers, the Japanese ‘Boro’ repair method was explored to use as the fundamental method of mending garments. ‘Boro’ means 'rags' in Japanese and refers to repeatedly patching and mending textiles to extend lifespan. ‘Boro’ is achieved through repeating rows of running stitches (as demonstrated on the kit itself to attach the recycled denim patches) making the whole sewing process as intuitive as possible for complete beginners. This knowledge has been reflected on a simple to use instructional leaflet which shows a step-by-step guide from preparation to finish for complete beginners to get started quickly, with information on how to use each product properly. The Gen-Z users’ skills do not stagnate at a basic level as the ‘Nui’ Instagram page allows advancing these skills further using the free instructional videos to learn ‘Sashiko’ - A Japanese embroidery method that uses the same running stitches as ‘Boro’, to create geometric shapes and patterns.

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