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Roku Gega

A romantic designer with a light-hearted spirit and a solemn attitude at work. I seek to convey emotions through objects, so that others may connect with my products. An unfolding narrative is my ambition. My design philosophy is influenced by nature and time, aspiring to create timeless and evolving furniture that age with the user.



The creation of this piece was inspired by the enthusiasm that lingers around the growth of plants. As time passes, the design flourishes alongside the overgrowing plants which cascade down the cones. Initially, Unfurl splits the room with its spiralling cones and roots, although plants soon take-over the piece and transform it to make it unique for each individual.

The piece is composed of two elements: the cones and the metal base. Additionally, the base acts as a sleeve to the cones, which slot in, to ensure that the piece is structurally sound. Emphasis was put on replicating nature’s chaos in the layout of Unfurl. The sleeves are spaced in an irregular pattern, while making sure that cones wouldn’t intrude in another’s space. Due to the nature of my design, the rotation and layout of the cones can be adjusted to the user’s preference as well as the plants’ needs. Furthermore, the cones were formulated with the intention to house various potting dimensions.



Habitat is an opportunity for plant enthusiast to create their own garden of Eden. The cabinet gives the freedom to choose how to present your plants and accommodating their needs with its original shelving, providing endless combinations. Its minimalistic appearance serves to spotlight the plants and accentuate their beauty while adhering with the surroundings.

Habitat acts as an indoor garden for those who do not have the privilege to own one, and are confined in their “concrete box”. As well as harmonising and enriching the room it is part of, Habitat allows you to create and nurture your own garden, while contributing to your mental wellbeing.

The shelving method of Habitat moves away from using the traditional single shelf style in favour of attachable shelves, secured by a bolt that connects them to the metal frames, with a maximum carrying capacity of 10kg per shelf. This method allows for air circulation to be maximised as it does not get trapped between levels. The result is a cabinet that works in complete harmony with user and plants.

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