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Sam Travis

Interested in changing user behaviours, improving habits, and creating better daily experiences through design.



Roadie is a system of flexible instrument cases designed to help give smaller band all of the tools needed to confidently and comfortably tour. The ridged design allows for cases to effortlessly slot together, saving bands time and effort when loading or unloading and minimising wasted space in-between cases. They lock together securely with a metal piece, preventing movement when in transit and increasing security outside venues.

Roadie offers unprecedented flexibility, convenience, and personalisation, centring around a hidden ‘pegboard’ system that allows for the inner components, or ‘tiles’, to be swapped out if the user changes gear or instruments over time. Band members can truly make the case theirs, configuring their own setup of instrument holders, storage for picks, strings, cables, and straps, choosing a colour scheme that matches their prized instrument, and proudly displaying custom engravings of their bands on the aluminium chassis.



Introducing Clearkit, the long lasting refillable wash kit that encourages a thorough, consistent daily wash routine that helps the homeless stay healthy, look fresh and feel confident.

Clipped to the outside of clothing or tucked into a baggage pocket, Clearkit is hard wearing, long lasting and designed for daily use. It’s made from super tough PC with a soft overmould, to help grip the handles with wet hands and to hide dents and scratches over time. The gentle forms, soft materials and friendly branding all help discourage the kit from being abused or misused, help break negative prejudices against a disadvantaged user group, and create a positive experience that helps humanise and uplift homeless users from their negative situation.

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