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Shaun Burke

I am furniture designer/maker from South West London, with recent events such as BLM happening I chose to use that event to be my wake up call and start exploring my culture my through design. By learning more , I started to understand my love for cultural rich designs and the natural elements that define that culture. Throughout my final year I have been displaying that within my designs.

MaCo Range


This range was created to change the perception of public hair grooming, as well as that change the ideologies behind the afro pick in the modern day. In the black panther days afro picks were seen as a symbol of power and black pride, where as nowadays if you walk around with one your seen as a thug, or someone from the ghetto. With the BLM movement happening I thought its better to bring back the status the afro pick once had within the world. The wood used is Oak, Sapele and Walnut and are all gained from perfectly fine offcuts and scraps that were going to be thrown away from timber yards.

CuBo Prints


CuBo Prints is a living room sideboard that sits under the TV, it has a draw unit & cabinet, with open shelving in the middle. The fronts are it main attraction as they are veneered wood art pieces. This piece is based on me as it involves the Jamaican artist Barrington Watson works, with African Prints. This was done as I wanted to bring both cultures into one, showing that was are beautiful united rather than apart. CuBo is not limited to one design as, the doors and draw fronts are easily replace able, the designs can be easily replace. The clients will be able to choose what they want on they whether it is a nice family photo or a piece of their culture they want to display. CuBo has endless creative possibilities.

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