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Shaurya Taneja

I am a final year student of Design with a penchant for jewellery, lifestyle accessories & footwear. I love collaborating & brainstorming with people from different fields viz. creative, engineering & business to produce unique ideas & concepts.
My passion and resilience help me iterate the ideas and evolve them while following a robust process. Finally, I am a hands-on person and through practical projects I have developed practical industrial and technical skills



A smart wearable ecosystem that tackles the stressors of working from home.
This product is the outcome of designing and developing a unique and interactive luxury wearable to tackle the stressors of Working from Home (WFH).
The aim of this project was to design a product or service to encourage “A positive work/life balance by softening the stressors of working from home.”
The outcome was a smart ring and ecosystem that helps in identifying, realizing and tackling the stressors of working from home by inducing tranquility and remote social interactions and connections
The smart ring pairs with the app to record the vitals of the user, at the same time the user is asked to make entries into a journal. Using this the app identifies mental health stressors that the user is facing and suggests mood trends that the user experiences and how to tackle them. The ring also connects to loved ones that have the product and can relay the sensation of the users heart beat through the use of electrotactile sensors thus reducing the stress caused by social and physical isolation.



Elemental is brand that focuses on creating contemporary jewellery for the youth of India. The collections are an outcome of the designing and development of a unique concept of customizable jewellery for the trend conscious Indian man.
The outcome of this project is a customizable and sophisticated core collection of jewellery that incorporates the use of mixed materials and emphasises on minimal, gender fluid and contemporary design.
The idea was to produce a piece of jewellery that can be customised by the consumer, the consumer is offered a base product (ring, cuff, pendant) which have interchangeable screwable signet tops. This gives the consumer the freedom to change the aesthetic of their jewellery without having to buy multiple pieces, thus ensuring its timeless appeal. The possible option to customise the jewellery are virtually endless with the application of a multitude of materials such as wood and marble the consumer can always update their styles based on the trends of the time.

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