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Shenese Newton

I am a versatile designer, with placement experience at a high-end lighting design studio. User experience and emotional design are at the forefront of my creative ethos. This year, I strived to take on diverse and challenging briefs that have an impact on consumer behaviour. The projects have broadened my multidisciplinary skills to include material research, branding, and packaging.



HANi is a hands-free, auto-dispensing antibacterial gel that can be clipped onto a bag or apparel for personal on-the-go use, or to a magnetic surface for static use. Inspired by changes in the perception of hygiene behaviour from COVID-19, HANi aims to reduce germ transmission through contact when searching inside pockets or bags for hand sanitiser, focusing particularly on the daily commuter, and key workers.

HANi activates a small motor inside the casing that pumps out the user’s antibacterial gel of choice when their hand is placed in front of the infrared thermal sensor. It utilises simple gesture controls to prevent unintentional releases of gel. The 50ml container for the gel liquid is accessible from the top of the product to allow consumers to easily refill with HANi's own gel packs.

The unit features a removable magnetic clip to attach it to a pocket, belt, or bag, which permits the adjustment of the unit’s position in 45-degree increments so the product can be upright no matter where it is placed. Additionally, the unit can be placed on magnetic surfaces like a fridge or filing cabinet.

HANi aids in convenient, efficient, and attractive hygiene practice for the pandemic and beyond.



MYO-CO is a plastic-free cosmetics brand aspiring to create a more sustainable future. Aimed at environmentally conscious consumers, the launch product is an alternative ingredient to microplastics and natural alternatives, such as crushed nuts, that cause micro-tears, used in facial scrubs. The exfoliating beads are made from pure mycelium - the root structure of mushrooms - which is a biomaterial emerging as a credible choice within the Product Design Industry. MYO-CO’s pure mycelium exfoliant is gentle on the skin and when added to the consumer’s face wash of choice, enhances their skincare routine. It is suitable for sensitive skin, and can be safely washed down the sink. It is packaged in mycelium composite, which completely decomposes in soil. A recycling disposal service has also been considered for those in urban environments without easy access to a private green space.

The mycelium has low production energy, waste, and water usage, with new research even suggesting that when it decomposes in a green space such as a garden, the soil quality improves.

MYO-CO is here to provide consumers the opportunity to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing their personal care routines. More information about MYO-CO can be accessed via

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