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Shruti Ahir

As a product designer, I am enthusiastic about designing problem- solving products best suitable for the consumer. I believe in exploring the possibilities of modish solutions through simple design and concepts that will help provide a revolutionary yet content experience for the consumer. A good design for me comes from first finding the problem and understanding the user requirements followed by new approaches with function and ergonomics.



Mesh is a conceptual device that was aimed to help consumers with the new “working from home” culture due to the pandemic. Mesh helps provide a quality non-virtual break room or an attempt of imitating the ideal office break time. It includes a diffuser holding 4 different scents such as Jasmine, Rosemary, Lavender and Cinnamon each emitting during different hours of the day, reminding them to “take a break”. The break time can be schedule on the MESH app, and one could also invite their work friends to have a quality break time together.
Social interaction and sufficient intervals helps improve one’s work efficiency. Hence the word MESH was derived of the notion of 2 gears rotation to cause a working mechanism



FIL’IN or “Food I’d Like- In” was designed for new university students struggling to maintain or build a healthy diet. With the change in lifestyle and becoming independent, students tend to gain weight in the first year of the university. FIL’In aims to motivate them to cook more often with the correct portion size. It consists of 2 food storage shelves, a portion measuring serving spoon, and a meal box to carry it to the university. The serving spoon gives the freedom for the consumer to choose the portion suitable for them.
FIL’In aims to develop a habit at a younger age, for a healthier future.

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