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Skye Bayliss

I am a designer maker. I like to design pieces that invoke feelings and emotional response, designs that users can interact with and objects that grant permission for a relief from the challenges of everyday life.
I believe that design is a way of bringing joy to peoples life.



REFLECT is an evening skincare routine unit aimed at encouraging mindful cleansing and peaceful unwinding at the end of the day. Featuring a large mirror with LED back lighting and a smaller hand held mirror with magnified glass, the unit reminds the user to take a minute to practise self-care and self-reflection in a calm bedroom environment, and indulge in their meditative skincare routines.



SOUPLE is a contract modular seating solution which enables the user to choose the elements they require depending on their purpose of seating and desired function. By allowing for quick adaptation SOUPLE encourages playful, informal use of space, with ambiguous shapes being interpreted by the user for their desired function. SOUPLE is designed for breakout rooms and informal office spaces. SOUPLE grew through research and observations on the informal and creative ways that people interact, sit and move in nature. SOUPLE mirrors this creativity into a contract environment, enabling the user to choose the arrangement they desire and therefore optimise the space for their desired use.

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