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Sohan Devabhai

My approach to design is driven by holistic narratives. I see value in designing an emotional and meaningful connection between the user and their product. My philosophy is defined by going against the throwaway culture. I hope to help shift our society towards valuing well-crafted local design that can be passed on to future generations.



Phase is an interactive floor lamp that is designed to age and adapt with its owners and their environment.

The name comes from the various phases of the moon. The crescent brass panels orbit around the central lighting column and pivot on the walnut poles to redefine the light and shadows in the given environment. The celestial narrative picks upon our first encounter with light and darkness; the sun and the moon.

Brass was chosen for its elegance, reflective properties, and ability to patina. The interactive element of the design encourages the user to literally leave their mark on the brass and over time create a meaningful connection. Walnut was chosen for the structural elements as to create a harmonious contrast and enhance the concept of luxury and elegance. Phase is a physical diary that will seal in the owner’s history and all unique properties it encounters.

Phase is built with the intention for smart LED bulbs to be housed in the central lighting column. These smart bulbs give the user another sense of autonomy over curating the lighting and by virtue, their space.



Atlas was designed in response to the Pandemic and the evident culture shift in placing a greater value in wellbeing. Atlas is a community-based wellbeing app and is bridged by a smart haptic bracelet.

Wellbeing should not be treated as a ‘one-size fits all’ solution, we are all different and react accordingly to various activities and stimuli. The app guides the user through a personality test, asking them about what they want to achieve and try. The test incorporates sliders that will help to define the design of the bracelet module’s design.

Atlas is heightened by the focus on positive accountability – through the app the user can create a community with their work colleague, family, and friends. Members can communicate with each other by sending personalised haptic messages to another’s bracelet. I wanted to create a friendly experience where friends and colleague could check up on each other and encourage them to keep going with their activities, but also taking a break from overworking.

The user should have a personalised device and activity experience. The bracelet defies the ‘one-day delivery’ consumer behaviour with a greater led time, this aims to create a meaningful connection – valuing a well-crafted experience.

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