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Sophie Mathews

Having been brought up in the mountains and frequently returning, I feel as though this has had an impact on me as a designer, indirectly influencing my designs through the use of sleek lines and subtle curve features as well as having a sophisticated and almost luxurious style.
As a designer, I take pride in my work, paying attention to fine details and aiming to design products seen as being special, both as the designer and to the consumer.



‘Dais’ is an elegant and sophisticated interactive footwear display unit; this becomes a feature for luxurious collectability in a shoe fanatics home. The versatile fold-out system enables the user to display pairs of shoes in a variety of ways, altering it to personal preferences. The adaptable system facilitates a variety of shoe types to be displayed proudly.



At the end of a long day on the slopes, what better way to relax and put your feet up, than to play games from the comfort of your sofa. “Paizo” facilitates the perfect escapism. With a top that flips, this side table can be manoeuvred between you and your opponent for a leisurely game on the sofa. This piece converts from a side table to an all-round games table.

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