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Stella Ilaria Ralph

Design is a continually evolving art form, embraced and utilised by all. I wish to break conventions from existing products and form an experience that enriches the users senses. From concept & ideation to model making, prototyping & manufacture sustainability remains at the forefront, ultimately designing with positive intensions that will hopefully make a lasting impact in the world of design.

Salvor Stool


The Salvor Stool considers circular economy and material consciousness, utilising sustainably sourced timber with leather off-cuts from award winning, bespoke leather designer, Bill Amberg Studio. The mix-leather woven seat is pop-riveted at junctions to create a seamless lattice design. Capable of complimenting multiple interiors, the Salvor Stool pays homage to a regenerative, wasteless narrative, one we must adopt for a brighter future.



HUEY takes inspiration from the hues and palettes of sunsets around the world. These nesting coffee tables explore colour and negative space, utilising glass with a contrasting metal tripoint base design. Capable of creating an experience through gradients, that when passing produce new tertiary hues. An inviting piece, sculptural and functional intended for large spaces.

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