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Tírna Sweeney

A young Irish Designer who takes inspiration from her natural surroundings to create purposeful and functional outcomes with structured intent.

Zero Shopping Collection


The Zero Brand focuses on reducing the carbon footprint that our planet is currently over producing and needs reducing. I looked into a new trend known as ‘Zero Waste Shopping’. This project focused on designing a product that people felt confident using whilst trying to adapt a new lifestyle habit. The bag consists of four pockets to support the additional four vessels which you can take from your kitchen top, pack them in your bag and take them to fill in zero waste stores. Zero applies a simple and contemporary approach to shopping that contributes to a more sustainable way of living.

Allay Aromatherapy


aims to help reduce, alleviate and relieve the over riding symptoms from chemotherapy side effects. Unlike any other oil burners out there, Allay focuses on improving the overall wellbeing and rehabilitation of a cancer patients treatment providing a aromatherapy range that have been scientifically proven to help alleviate the core symptoms that most patients suffer with during their cancer treatment. Allay aims to diversify themselves from the typical NHS product style and has worked really hard to achieve a relaxing, aesthetic and comforting product to assist patients through a tough period in their lives.

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