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Tish Smith

Hi, my name is Tish, a product designer with a passion for a human-centred approach to creativity. I have always been interested in designing to enhance everyday lives through smart solutions. I have been fortunate enough to complete an industry placement year at Wozair Ltd, an engineering company that specialises in the design and manufacture of HVAC equipment for the Renewables sector. Throughout the year I was able to develop my Solidworks and professional communication skills. I am now looking forward to my future in the world of design.

Big Brave Guide


The Big Brave Guide to intravenous cannulation aims to distract children from feared needle procedures, creating a smoother experience for all involved. Through honesty and encouraging interaction, the big brave guide aims to tackle the 30% first-time failure rate, therefore saving the NHS time and money.

The product includes an interaction book that explains the procedure to the child, whilst simultaneously distracting them. The book uses child-friendly language and encourages fun dialogue. The child is encouraged to pick a character to guide them through the story, moving it along the way. Once the IV needle has been placed, it is secured with an IV sleeve. If the child successfully completes the procedure, they can move their character onto their sleeve and take it home as a reward. Ultimately, the big brave guide to IV cannulation is striving to create a more positive hospital experience for children by creating an element of distraction, being fun, playful and honest.

Bio - A Smart Food Waste Solution for the Future


One-third of all food produced globally goes to waste. Therefore, reducing food waste is the number one solution to fighting the climate crisis. Bio is a modern food waste appliance that allows you to reduce your feelings of ‘green guilt’ and encourages sustainable living. Bio works by breaking down your household organic food waste through the process of dehydration and pulverization. Leaving the user with a powdered output that can be used to fertilize plants.

Bio works alongside an interactive app that has a range of features, including reward incentives, a learn page on how to be more sustainable and a progress feature that tracks the breakdown of household food waste.

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