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Tom McIndoe

Product design has grown my love and passion for branding, a world with infinite possibilities, I am excited to join the creative industry, to grow as a designer, and see how my design styles develop, to educate, inspire and encourage.



A new smart light, that works alongside an app, allowing for the user to add to their daily routine, reminders, change the lights colour and brightness. Lumi was inspired by the recent events of Covid-19, where there was a sudden influx of remote workers ‘the remote workers boom’. However, with an influx of remote working, also saw an surge in mental health, a topic within the past couple years has been deemed a serious issue, one which is no longer being thought of as a taboo.

It was from this which saw the creation of the smart Lumi light, the main purpose? To de-stress and aid with the remote workers, through the use of mood lighting and reminders. A world, if lived alone, can be very daunting for many, but the Lumi light reminds you of your routine and reality.

Midori みどり


Plastic waste has become an ever growing problem within the world we live in today, after writing a dissertation covering a large amount on plastic pollution, Tom delved into the causes and produced a product range which would encourage the target market to use reusable products, thus being integrated within a circular economy. An economy that illustrates the full cycle of a product, where every stage is sustainable and gives back to the planet we live on.

Midori meaning green in Japanese, is a reusable bottle range inspired by the organic shapes of Wabi-sabi pottery, a famous art form within Japanese culture. The Midori bottle consists of 4 parts, allowing for the user to easily clean the bottle when all sections have been unscrewed. A major problem with the current reusable bottle market saw a growing problem with harmful bacteria, forming in the bottles. Midori’s USP is a brand which prides itself on sustainability, where every part of the product is sustainably sourced, understanding that the target market need to recognise why the bottle is reusable, and what they can do to further convey the Midori manifesto; "The goods of today are the resources of tomorrow at yesterday's resource prices." - Walter Stahel

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