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Tom Parker-Bull

I am an ambitious designer, open to any challenge that offers the opportunity to create a meaningful solution. My growth as a designer during my studies and placement year has helped to develop an appreciation of the design process, allowing me to produce viable products for my final year projects.



K-LEAN is a multipurpose product designed to help reduce the spread of disease in the Dadaab Refugee Complex, Kenya. Its primary form being a sack truck to assist with the transportation of families’ water supply, which is currently done on foot. Its secondary use is a gravity-assisted hand washing station, providing low maintenance and an accessible way to practice good hygiene habits.



Ladder Lock is an anti-slip ladder mat that features aluminium extruded clips, allowing for a more convenient storage method to existing products. With ladder falls being the leading cause of workplace injury, the design looks at encouraging the use of a critical piece of safety equipment through improved accessibility.

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