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Toni Ojo

As an empathetic designer, I am committed to designing products with our emotions, senses and fundamental human needs in mind. By applying principles of psychology and anthropology to my work, I aim to create intuitive and human-friendly experiences.

Spotify Hue


‘Spotify Hue’ is an innovative new feature designed to encourage users to socialise by sharing their music identity with others - online and offline. It uses a colour-coded list of music genres to display a unique colour gradient on your profile, showing other users a visual summary of your music taste. See who you match up with and discover your online music tribe, or purchase customised merch.



Across the African continent, eating is a communal activity. Family and friends gather around a large plate of food and eat from it together. As a Nigerian living in the UK, we seem to have left this custom behind to eat individually from separate plates. ‘AYIKA’ is a modern redesign of the traditional share platter, with the aim to restore the habit of eating together in Nigerian households.

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