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Willow Scott-Bradley

I am a Furniture Designer, with an interest in Upholstery Design. Taking inspiration from a variety of styles, I aim to create modern and eye-catching designs that can be sold to a wide range of consumers. I look forward to graduating and working in the upholstery design industry.



Neptune is a modern and glamorous modular seating system that has been designed to reduce plastic waste in the ocean. Sustainably designed, and manufactured in Britain, this product is made with components that have been recycled or sustainably sourced.

The Neptune range is designed to suit the consumers own home, with the ability to choose pieces out of the range that suits them.



Porto was designed with a modern, contemporary aesthetic, aimed at a first-time buyer audience whilst also being budget-friendly. The initial inspiration was taken from Mid-Century Modern but updated with new materials that are used today. The use of cork for the tabletop and natural hessian for the optional bag, creates a sustainable element running throughout the product, yet continues to be on trend with other products on the market.

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